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Trying to decide if I want to buy another '62 Comet. The engine/brakes/etc are shot, but the body needs*much* less work than mine(less rust, doesn't need 4 layers of paint stripped). And mine has had the engine/trans/brakes/etc. all redone already. Seems like a chance to combine them into one better car.

It would require duplicating a some work I've already done (rust welding in floor & 1/4 panels, cleaning/painting the engine compartment & underside, installing sound deadener). I'd have to switch the engine/transmission/rearend/front suspension/brakes/exhaust from mine over. I'd have to repaint the entire car inside & out to the right colors & move the entire interior over.

In the end it would probably save me a lot of the sort of work I like least in exchange for duplication of the sort of work I like most. It would also save me a bunch of money on things I would be unlikely or unable to do myself. But it requires a big chunk of money & time right now to avoid a larger chunk of money & time that I can stretch out and put off.

But at the same time, it requires me to strip and eventually sell/junk Emily, *my* Comet that I've had for over 6 years. And I'm not sure this new Comet would ever be *my* Comet like Emily is.
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