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I'm having hot cocoa & chocolate cake for breakfast.

Hey its got eggs, milk and wheat. That's nutrition!
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[ profile] auntiemame67 & I will be going to see Casablanca at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge tomorrow(Sunday) for the 4:15pm show. If you want to join us let me know. Might possibly get a dinner foo together afterwords if there is interest.
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You always feel better at and immediately after you go to the gym. It also has long-term health benefits.

So bloody well keep going this time!
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Gear Template Generator

You can modify the size, pitch, etc. Then print out the template to transfer to whatever material you want.
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(I'm kinda glad I haven't yet gotten around to posting about my desire to go back to exercising & eating better. This post would be kinda awkward immediately following that)

Today I forgot to eat breakfast, and because of a 1/2 day at work didn't have my normal lunch. As such I was starving when I got home, and there wasn't much in the house. A perfect excuse to make one of my favorite "breakfast" sammiches.

In my small non-stick frying pan I cook up 1.5-2 pieces of bacon that are cut in half before frying. I get them to somewhere closer to crispy than chewy. Then without removing them from the pan or draining the grease I crack 1-2 eggs on top of them, breaking yolks as desired. I let them fry in the grease as normally for a fried egg, flipping them at least once. After the last flip I add cheese (shredded super-sharp cheddar is my favorite). Once it has melted I decant them onto bread spread liberally with mayo.

Sooooo good. Sooooo terrible for you. The bacon grease ends up soaked & folded into the egg and makes the whole thing even more tasty than a regular fried egg & bacon sandwich. Each one probably takes a few months off my life. but they are worth it.
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I do not need a 62 year old pickup truck what is currently 1250 miles away.

I also do not need an antique hit & miss engine even more. Because I can't even rationalize that as being useful for hauling things.

I will resist the urge to post a list of things I do have that I really didn't need, for that way lies the slobber-covered squeaky hippo of madness.


Dec. 28th, 2010 03:14 pm
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Less than three weeks to Arisia in Boston. Room is still in flux as someone from arisia has made noises about canceling our room, and haven't heard a peep back from the email address he asked me to contact.If the room gets canceled we'll be scaling back our plans to some combination of day-trip and/or canceling.

Less than six weeks to TempleCon in Warwick RI. Have our room there (1-king room, no doubles left). Reg will be covered through panels(her) and voulenteering(me).

Prop-making status: Nothing new started, haven't gone through and fixed/maintained stuff. Need to devote at least one evening to it so stuff is organized & usable. Bigger plans unlikely to happen unless I get inspired or go crazy.

Costuming: Same deal. Need to sort through and see where I stand. My cuter half wants to put some new outfits together. Would like to get skirt design for her done, but I'm not sure where the sewing machine ended up...
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Anyone looking for an Arisia room at the main hotel, I just booked here for $27/night cheaper than the sold out arisia rate.
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assuming we can get a truck and a storage unit reserved in time... can anyone help us load [ profile] auntiemame67's furniture, boxes and Xmas decorations onto a truck in Springfield Saturday the 13th in the morning? Or help us unload said stuff into a storage unit in RI in the afternoon of the same day? Please? She might even have a first round of holiday cookies baked by then....

House lust

Oct. 31st, 2010 02:09 pm
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I am obsessing about real estate again. Specifically this place. Good sized house (actually a bit big, but not insanely so), decent sized yard, 4-car BARN SIZED garage all for really cheap.

While it probably won't help us get that house, We're planning to go in the next few weeks to our bank and sit down with someone and see what we can do to bootstrap ourselves into a better position to try and buy a place of our own.
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Hard to believe (and I'm one of the organizers) but the Steampunk picnic is this Saturday (the 25th) from noon to 6-ish. It will be at Slater Park in Pawtucket RI.
The park main entrance is at 401 Newport Ave, Pawtucket RI. To get to the park the best way is to find your way to I-95 and take exit 2A in Mass (right by the RI border), and travel 2.7 miles, the park entrance will be on the Left.

Once you enter the park, follow the signs to Daggett Farms (bearing left whenever legal should also get you there). Park at the lot with the big "Daggett Farms Shops" sign, then head North (to your left as you face the building) towards the artillery cannon. We'll be picnicking at the cannon, or somewhere within view. I'll try to have some sort of sign or banner with gears on it, so keep an eye out.

All the picnicking sites were taken, so we'll be roughing it on the grass. So bring any tables & chairs you may need. Also there won't be a grill so make sure you bring stuff that doesn't need cooking. At Daggett Farms there should be 1-2 food stands and bathrooms. We'll have a couple chairs, but no guarantees of seating. Like the last picnic, we'll likely be doing group photos at the bandstand on the lake for those interested.

After the picnic, anyone interested is welcome to join us at The Temple gaming store nearby for additional hanging out.
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About the time we moved to RI I was whining about wanting to game either as a player or GM. Since we've discovered The Temple I figured I could try and get a game going.

I posted a flyer looking to run a game and got together five players. We started running a far-future game based very loosely in the Wing Commander universe.

A week after that game started we couldn't game for scheduling reasons. So I snagged a few people and started a pickup Steampunk Wild West game. This turned out to be tons of fun, and looks to continue for a while.

Another two weeks later, and one player who is in both those games is *really* sick and has been out of commission for a while. I am getting twitchy about gaming again, and start *another* pickup game, this one about a group being unexpectedly transported to underhill. I was expecting 2-3 players, and ended up with five. The game session went *epically* well, and not it looks like I have another ongoing game.

From famine to feast, in about four weeks. I am amused.


Jul. 19th, 2010 07:09 pm
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I am employed again. I start August 2nd.
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We were out and about today doing some scouting of a local park for a possible Steampunk Picnic. On the way we passed a small building with a sign reading "The Temple: The Art of Great Gaming". Intrigued, we stopped in on the way back, and boy are we glad we did.

When we first walked in the door we were a bit nervous, all we could see was Warhammer terrain and people playing Magic the Cardboard. But we decided to head in anyway, and found the owners. They are awesomely neat people whom we have lots of acquaintances in common with, and they share a lot of interests and attitudes in common with us. Turns out their shop has only been open for about as long as we've been in RI, and they haven't even gotten most of their stock in yet. They run TempleCon and decided to open a place for local gamers designed as more of a gaming "lounge" than a gaming store. It has big tables and comfy chairs & couches. They have all sorts of things going on and more planned as they ramp up to their grand opening weekend around the end of the month.

All told we probably spent at least and hour talking with them, and are already planning to return on Tuesday as that is their open RPG gaming night. So yay, neat local gaming store found!
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Since I've moved to RI I'm going to have to register my cars there. I was planning to get RI vanity "PIXEL" plates to replace my CT ones. However I just looked at the fees involved.

See, in CT you pay $88 once to get vanity plates, and from then on they cost the same as regular plates. But in RI you pay $67.50 to get the vanity plates made, then another $90 PER YEAR on top of the standard registration fees to keep your vanity plates.

So now I have to decide if continuing to have PIXEL plates is worth $90/year. Never mind that I'd planned on getting vanity plates for emily as well, which is definitely not happening now ($180/year for both cars is right out right now).
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Moving has occurred. We got probably 90% of our stuff in the truck (time limitations killed us as we had only two people to help on the packing end). Got it driven over with no major mishaps. On the unpacking end we had 5 teenagers and two adults to help, which made it go *much faster*. I owe my cousins big time.
Everything fit up the stairs and is in the apartment, but right now it is an utter disaster. Tonight we'll get the living room functional and find space to assemble one bed and call it good enough.

Tomorrow the truck & dolly go back to uhaul. And either tomorrow or Mon we make a trip or two and get the last of the stuff out of the apartment.

At Paneras borrowing a cup of internet. With luck we will have our own internets tomorrow.

So yeah, moving happened, nothing got busted and no one got hurt. Now we go buy a shower curtain and soap and relax for the rest of the evening.
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We are at least 75%+ packed, and should easily get the rest hammered out today. By tonight everything but what we need for tonight & the morning will be backed, the furniture will be staged, etc.
Truck is reserved, I do the paperwork and pick up the keys tonight, but am leaving the truck on the uhaul lot until Sat morning to avoid something happening to it or the tow dolly.

The plan for Sat is for [ profile] auntiemame67 to drop me off at uhaul then go get bagels, donuts & coffee while I bring the truck over. The few moving helpers we have are planning to arrive at 9am. We then stuff everything here into a truck, put one of the cars on the dolly and head to RI.

On the RI end we're expecting to arrive between 1-2pm. We're meeting the landlord at the building to get keys and sign the lease. If we have time we're going to give the place a quick clean before members of my family descend to help get our stuff into the new place.

If you can help on either end we can definitely still use the assistance. Let us know and I'll get you the addresses and such.

EDIT: truck is acquired and waiting for me in a corner of the uhaul lot. Also we are at better than 95% packed and are largely at the "boxes or random crap" stage.
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[Poll #1578034]

From the few people who have responded thus far it looks like Saturday the 19th is the better day. As such we're going to plan for that day.

We can have donuts & bagels for morning people helping and pizza for afternoon people helping. Or some other food-bribe if there is a strong preference.

If you need addresses send [ profile] auntiemame67 or myself an email or LJ private message.
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