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It feels lately like nearly every time I try and do something or get something dealt with it turns into a much bigger hassle & project than is anywhere near reasonably expected.

We moved the last of [ profile] auntiemame67's stuff out of her ex's cellar about four months ago. Put it in a storage unit and figured it was safe there until we have a place big enough for it. We'd planned to steadily sort through it, scrub the furniture there(much of which had been long stored in a cellar).

Except that their already mediocre hours got cut back until we could only get there on the saturday. Then they started being sometimes closed *during* their "open" hours. And the guy running the place was a dick, and the loading dock was an ice rick and... you get the picture.

So we decided we'd move it to another place with better hours/conditions/employees/etc. Last Saturday we paid for a half-month, then went to another storage place and reserved a new unit. We then went home and got my little trailer to take a small load over. Only to discover that despite it being 1:40pm and them being open til 4pm the place was locked up and noone was around. I was almost unspeakably pissed at this point.

So we spent this week trying to arrange to get everything out today. Reserved a truck, and asked *everywhere* for help. Got zero offers of assistance. So here we were lined up to have to move and entire 10x10 storage unit by ourselves.

But apparently that wasn't suck enough. Because we showed up at the storage place to discover it once again closed & locked during their "business hours". Calls to the manager were (of course) not answered or returned. A (non-emergency) call to the local police informed me it was a civil matter and they couldn't do anything. A call to Uhaul told me they'd canceled the place's distributor contract so they couldn't help me. All together we spent 1.5 pissed off hours waiting outside the place making calls and swearing without any result.

So truck reservation was canceled, and we headed home empty-handed and even *more* angry. So assuming the guy hasn't just disappeared(in which case we are completely fucked) we now need to devote *another* day to dealing with this. And seeing as how he's not been there when we needed him to be two saturdays in a row, we'll need to plan for a weekday. So that means both of us taking a day off from work and making *another* truck reservation and hoping the guy is actually there so we can get this *finally* done.

And thanks to damn near everything turning into something like this, combined with my winter depression, and a few other things I feel like a)I have no energy for anything, even the stuff I want to do, and b)as a result of all this I feel pathetic and worthless.

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