Apr. 20th, 2011

clockworkpixel: (MadSciUnion)
...and my enthusiasm for projects has sprung right along with it.

Saturday I took a 8 hour trip to buy a replacement for the rear window on Emily that broke over the winter. I also picked up four new less-rusty doors that I can combine with the ones on her into actually rust-free doors.

Earlier this week I spent a chunk of my tax return on the gasket to install the new window as well as a bunch of parts for things I've been putting off on Box.

I've got ideas for things I want to build for the Steampunk World's Fair next month. So parts for those have to be bought or found soon so I can start in on those projects to have any chance of finishing them in time.

And I'm pondering getting up early Saturday so I have time to do a junkyard run, as I haven't yet this year. And I even have a new junkyard to try.

It is nice to have ideas & energy again, not to mention weather that is conducive to actually doing stuff.

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